Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's December...

and everyone that knows me, KNOWS that I am MRS. CHRISTMAS...which is actually funny, cause Mike's family has always called him Big Christmas, and they refer to "our" baby as Little Christmas. We should just changed our last name or something :)
Any hoo...This year hasn't been quite as lively as others...we have a tree up, but it's not decorated, I've done a bunch of shopping but it's not wrapped...that kind of thing. We are just so damn busy! AND STRESSED! I've always been a "high stress" kind of person. Usually I create most of it, and to be honest, I handle it pretty well. Not lately...nothing like putting the rest of your life and family into other peoples hands to create a little REAL stress. Stress like no one else understands unless you've been here. Stress that's doing more than making me have my usual crying jags (I still swear those are HEALTHY! Crying releases stress hormones), but actually has me screaming, swearing, crying, and screaming and swearing some more. It has us up late at night using paper cutters and searching for how early Staples opens. It has us going to be at 2 and setting our alarms for an earlier wake up than normal...Craziness...
So my goal was to have all the paperwork into the social worker so we could review our homestudy by December 1st. Then since Mike's Dr didn't bother to ask if we were adopting international or domestic, we got to wait while Mike had an HIV and TB test (only required for international adoption)...he's all set by the way...So all the paperwork got mailed on December 4th instead...not too bad, I can totally handle that.
NOW, last night we get a phone call asking if we can please overnight our profiles to Utah for submitting to an expectant mother either Friday or Saturday. She's due Jan 24th, with a little girl. The situation sounds pretty good, so we'll just have to wait and see if this is the baby that is meant for us I guess. I'm running on almost no sleep, as is Mike...everyone bare with us as we try to get through the holidays while we also try to (some what) privately deal with all the stress this adoption rains down on us.
In further news, they THINK my medication has been approved by the insurance. They aren't sure since the insurance sent an "approval letter" that looks nothing like anything they have ever seen. It lists my approval and then lists a whole bunch of other stuff, and pre-requisites, etc etc. They don't want me to end up paying for it, so they are trying to verify this IS an approval letter. Of course no one at the insurance company has any idea what any other person at the insurance company is doing, and none of them are qualified to actually say that is an approval letter, so we have to work our way up to a supervisor in the approvals department to make sure this is an approval letter...Makes SO much sense right???
Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! Mike told me today he wants another puppy...I almost had a heart attack, and you know how I feel about puppies!

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