Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ramblings of a 30 year old

That's right, you all read it, I'm 30. Thirty years ago today, I blessed my parents with another baby girl. I know that they not so secretly wanted a boy, but I believe that they were still over joyed with me, even given my squashed face and funky hair do. Whether Erina was over joyed with me, and over joyed at being a big sister is a point that continues to be debated. I'd like to think at this point in our lives, despite how many times she made statements to the contrary, she is happy she wasn't an only child. Honestly, she would have been really bored. She knows it's true.

So as I look back on 30 years (well, more like maybe 22-24 that I can remember), I do get sort of nostalgic. Thinking back over all the paths I've taken, and where each little road led me. I think of all the things that have happened. Some I wonder, "WHAT was I thinking?" Others I simply laugh. Mostly I am just so very thankful for everything that has happened to me. Everything? you might ask....Everything. I can't think of anything in my life that happened that I regret. I can think of times when I wish I had acted differently, or been more responsible. I can think of times when I wish I had been less responsible too. Over all though, it's all led me right here. Right here to this little white house, with my amazing husband, and wonderful son. A house that sometimes upsets me, but keeps us cozy and dry. A husband who might not be the best communicator ever born, but is the sweetest, most wonderful husband a women could ask for or dream of. And a son...a son who is just beginning this amazing journey. A son who's eyes teach me to enjoy all the simple things in life all over again. A beautiful son, who reminds me that a smile that comes from the heart is more powerful than any words or material possession.

So I'm thirty...big deal. Right now, in this time and place, I have it all.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spit-up, Throw-up and Poop

So Ty stopped pooping. He was constipated. He was so far beyond constipated, it was silly. He just didn't poop. Clearly the Soy was not the cure all we had hoped for. Since he was schedule for a 2 month appointment next week, I just called and asked them to switch it to this week, and we went in yesterday. All his physcial reports were great! He was 10 lbs, 12 ozs, and 22 1/4 inches long. She said he had amazing muscle tone for an almost 8 week old, and his head control was really great for his age. Then the nutritional discussion... Based on his skin, lack of poop, throw up and acid reflux, she said he has clearly developed a milk/protien allergy, so he started Zantac (not covered by insurance) and Similac Alimentum ($$, and most likely, not covered by insurance either). So far today, he seems a little better, but still hasn't really pooped much, but has seemed a little happier, so that's good I guess. Right now, he's very tired, but not wanting to go to sleep. Too bad kiddo, it's bedtime!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Not a lot going on...

Ty is getting bigger everyday. He's push himself up off our chest when he lays on our stomachs, and he's babbling and cooing up a storm. We ended up switching him to Soy, and it has helped a LOT. Hopefully we'll be able to switch him back to regualr formula in a few months, but for right now, he was just so gassy, and backed up he was getting pretty unhappy. Switching to Soy seems like a small price to pay when it keeps him so much more comfortable :)

I have two weeks of maternity leave left. I can't believe that the time has godne by so quickly. Of course we were just a little bit busy! I'll go back part time for a couple weeks, and then move to full-time in mid-April. I'm not real happy about it, but what can ya do?

Lady bugs are still in full swing here in the Callahan house. No idea what if anything we can do about that. A few people have told us they are attracted to white houses.

Well I have tons of stuff to do before I can head out and go shopping so I better get to it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Invasion 2008

we're being invaded. Not by diapers or binki's or onsies. Okay, all those things ARE invading our home, but that isn't what this *this* blog is about. We are being invaded by LADY BUGS. It's like revenge of the lady bugs here. I'm not sure if they have just realized that since we got a boy, and not girl, they will not be featured in the new nursery, or if they just love our house. Seriously...there are hundreds of them. There are so many of them that today when we left the house to go to Babies R Us, we wandered around and around the store, and we bought some stuff, and then we went out for dinner, and we ate and we got ready to leave that there, walking up the side of Ty's bucket carrier was a freaking lady bug. Four hours after we had left the house! The first few lady bugs I saw were so sweet and cute, and now I stomp on the little f-ers even if I think they are already dead. I can't look out a window with out seeing one climb up it. I can't sit on my couch without finding one dead, stuck to my blanket! Where are they all coming from?? I have ONE crocus in the yard! Spring is not here yet! I agree it's coming, but these little creatures are out sunning themselves like it's May and we should be breaking out the bathings suits.

Okay, I'm going to bed. If you can't find us tomorrow, we've been carried of the the secret lady bug hideout that is somewhere in this house...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tyler's Birth Family

We heard from Ty's Birth mom tonight. She got the letter and pictures I sent on Monday, and was just thrilled with them. She can't believe how big he is getting (that makes two of us!), and how alert he is. If there is 1 comment we ALWAYS get about him it's is, "Wow, he's so alert!" Actually first they say how cute he is, and then how alert his is for his age. They have been saying that since he was 5 days old...I told her all about how well he was eating, and sleeping, and how much he loved the dogs and how much Dewey loves him. She did tell her family about Ty and the adoption, and they were all very supportive and happy to see the pictures of him. I'm so glad she finally got that out in the open and she has the support she needs from her family now. I guess Ty's birth sister who is 6 asked if she could write to us, and I told her that was fine. That should be interesting, I'm not sure what 6 year olds write about!

Ty was Mr. Smiles today. He watches us more and more and does the big open mouth smiles, and smirks when we act silly to him. It makes my heart melt....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Something very sad (at least for me)...

So I'm up pretty early today...not the usual for me. Ty woke up for his 5:30 AM feeding and Mike did the whole thing. I should be sleeping in right? Except just as we were heading back to sleep we hear a loud bang from the basement. I asked Mike what that was and he said, "I don't know!?" Husbands should know what all bumps in the night (or in this case very early morning) are! Regardless he got up and went to check it out. He came back a very gleeful man. "We FINALLY got him!" HIM...our resident RAT. We have been fighting this mother F-er for over 7 months. Terminex (don't bother!), $100's of $ in traps and poison...have a heart traps...everything. In the end it was a stick balanced on a barrel that caught the not so little sucker. After discussion it was decided I would head out to buy antifreeze, while Mike added water to the barrel, so we could drown him, but quickly. At first I was happy...nothing like ridding your home of rodents to start your morning. Then, regular Amy kicked in. I asked if maybe we could just bring him far away and let him go. No. So I went to buy the antifreeze. I bought two gallons. Came home and wanting to be the good wife, offered to stay and help Mike with adding it to the bucket that he had added water too. I guess antifreeze makes the water thicker so they can't swim, and they just drown, rather than swimming till they are exhausted, which can be days. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I know if Mike could have handled it all alone, he would have. I was crying hysterically, and praying while I did it. He's done so much damage to our house and possessions, but it was still really hard. Poor Mike. Thankfully the rat passed quickly, but it doesn't make me any happier. So I guess if everyone can say a little prayer for our rat? I don't know...I know that's a lot to ask of you all...

Just to end on something not so depressing...last night I was holding Ty and he was being a little fussy. It was right before bed and his bottle was taking more than 5 seconds to make. So I'm sitting there and I call him (or at least I mean to call him) Fussy-McFusser. Cause he's fussy. It sounded right in my head anyway...except instead of Fussy-McFusser, it comes out Fussy-McF***er. Opps. He's only 5 weeks and I've already called my beautiful baby a F***er? I need more sleep!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

We three....

So now that we're a family, we clearly needed new vehicles...two of them? I don't Mike got a new Honda Element (I'm so jealous, it's wicked cool) and I got the "Mom" car. A new Honda Pilot...not shabby to say the least, but at the same time, not quite as cool as Mike's, but WAY cooler than the minivan.

Tyler and Mike are both doing great. Mike is getting stronger everyday, but he still naps sometimes. Both boys are napping now actually. Ty is getting so much bigger. I know how fast the time will fly, so I'm not at all anxious for each milestone. I'll be happy when they get here, but they can wait a month or so. We have heard from Ty's birth mom a few times since we've been home. It sounds like they are getting the counseling they need, and that with the help of the social worker will tell the older children about Tyler. They had no idea that their mom was pregnant or anything. I do not know when they plan to tell the rest of their family, but my guess is that once a 5 and 6 year old know something, it's really not a secret anymore. She did ask me to send her a picture of Mike, Ty and I together so she would have something to show them visually. We made sure to include that in the photos we just mailed along with a letter about what Ty has been up to, and how much he weighs etc. It's hard writing a letter to your child's birth parents. What do you say? How can I explain how amazing having Ty in our lives is and how much we cherish each smile and squeak without sounding like a jerk? I believe she does want to hear all about him, so I tell her. I know reading it may make it more difficult for her, but it will also give her some peace.

Everyone expected us to have a hard time since we were adopting transracially. To be honest, I'm sure at SOME point that will be tough. We've gotten looks already. What is the hardest is the terminology and casual conversation with people I care about. Terminology is so hard. To hear my own parents or friends refer to Ty's "parents" and what they do for work, and what their situation is in life. WE are Ty's parents. Do I correct EVERYONE? Do I just hope the discussion regarding birth parents will die down and I won't have to hear about and answer questions about Ty's "mother"? I'm Ty's mother...right? How can people not see that and understand? Typically I do try to answer back and use the term birth mom, and some people pick that up and grasp it. I know they mean no harm, I know they just want to support us. Hopefully with time, and education, people will get it more.