Saturday, February 23, 2008


First of all...I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. I'm sure most people are either thinking I'm wrapped up with a newborn, or you are close enough to me to know what really happened. Less than 48 hours after returning to Massachusetts with our beautiful baby, Tyler, my husband Mike complained of shortness of breath. He is not a sickly person, always healthy as a horse, and doesn't love the doctors. When he said we should go to the ER, I KNEW it was serious. Less than 12 hours later they were rushing him from our local hospital into Boston to Brigham and Women's. When he arrived at B & W he was about 5 seconds from coding because his blood pressure dipped so low. They called in their entire emergency cardiac response team in and with in a couple hours they had put a central line in his Jugular Artery, a catheter from his femoral artery up to his heart with a balloon pump to assist his heart in pumping his blood, and had used his other femoral artery for an angioplasty to check his arteries. He slowly recovered and over the next few days was able to be weaned back off the assistance. It was a close call and a HUGE wake up call. We are home now, but Mike is still pretty weak. He does what he can and rests when he needs too. It's likely he'll be out of work till at least early March when he goes to see his cardiologist again.

Just wanted to up date you all. We're ALL home now. All 3 of us. I'll try to be back on soon.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

We're in Missouri!

So we're in Missouri! I'm sure most of you have heard that we got OUR call. On Sunday January 27th, around 2:30, we got a call about an already born baby boy in Missouri. We agreed to be submitted to this birthmom and from the first second it was totally different. We were nervous like we hadn't been in any of the other situations... Less than an hour later we got the call. Get on a plane to St. Louis! So we did. By Monday January 28th, at 1:15 we were on the ground in St. Louis, on our way to the hospital to meet a baby who we hoped would be our future son. I can't even being to describe the emotions of that day, and the following days. We met a baby boy, whose birthmom had waited for US to name. We named him Tyler David and were in love in minutes. He is just the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. Based on Missouri law he had to go into cradle care till the birth parents terminated their rights and we went before the judge for the transfer of custody. Tyler's birth parents chose to attend court even though they had terminated their rights two days before. They are amazing, and strong and love him so much. We'll stay in touch with them always, and hope to see them again before we leave St. Louis.

So for now we are camped out at a Residence Inn in St. Louis. Just watched the Pats lose the super bowl, which stinks! I would have liked for Ty's first super bowl to be a winning one, but maybe next year I guess. We hope to be back home in Massachusetts mid to late next week. The sooner the better since there are lots of family and friends back home that can't wait to hold this baby!

Talk to everyone soon!
Amy, Mike and Tyler