Saturday, December 29, 2007

My first new blog post!

Well I'm not crazy about the blogging aspects of myspace, so I thought I would give a new method a shot since I do enjoy blogging :) I'll hope to get on most days, but since life is busy, but not really that interesting...I can't promise that.

Case in point, our interesting topic for today is really, it's bricks! More specifically a score of bricks from a chimney being taken off a house over 100 years old. We recently took down the extra chimeny off our own house, and saved all our bricks to add a patio on the side of the house, with these extra bricks, hopefully we'll have enough! We're going to reclaim part of the back yard from the dogs, and make the patio run the whole length of that side. Hopefully there will be enought room for a few lines of clothesline to hang out some clothes, but we'll have to see...

So YEAH! Bricks :)

Nothing new on the adoption front, right now we are submitted on two situations, one boy, due Feb 15th, and one girl, who was due today. We haven't heard 'no' on the one due today, so we'll keep hoping. That expectant mother is due in a state with a 10 day revocation period, so those agencies do tend to notify the choosen family after the baby is born...We'll just have to see! We went over to Erina and Brad's tonight though, and she helped me bang out 6 more profiles so we can get them mailed. Those things are so time consuming! We are sending 8 to an agency in Ohio since we heard they have an extremely low pool of families accepting infants that are not Caucasian. I guess they did 5 infant placements about a week ago that were all African American, so their pool is even lower....sounds good to us :)

Well make sure we let you all know as soon as we hear more on any of the potential situations!

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Rick said...

Welcome to the Blogger side of the blogging world. Your house sounds interesting - 100 year old bricks! Wow and interesting. You need to take pictures and post them for the blogging world to see.

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my little drawing - good luck.