Saturday, December 29, 2007

My first new blog post!

Well I'm not crazy about the blogging aspects of myspace, so I thought I would give a new method a shot since I do enjoy blogging :) I'll hope to get on most days, but since life is busy, but not really that interesting...I can't promise that.

Case in point, our interesting topic for today is really, it's bricks! More specifically a score of bricks from a chimney being taken off a house over 100 years old. We recently took down the extra chimeny off our own house, and saved all our bricks to add a patio on the side of the house, with these extra bricks, hopefully we'll have enough! We're going to reclaim part of the back yard from the dogs, and make the patio run the whole length of that side. Hopefully there will be enought room for a few lines of clothesline to hang out some clothes, but we'll have to see...

So YEAH! Bricks :)

Nothing new on the adoption front, right now we are submitted on two situations, one boy, due Feb 15th, and one girl, who was due today. We haven't heard 'no' on the one due today, so we'll keep hoping. That expectant mother is due in a state with a 10 day revocation period, so those agencies do tend to notify the choosen family after the baby is born...We'll just have to see! We went over to Erina and Brad's tonight though, and she helped me bang out 6 more profiles so we can get them mailed. Those things are so time consuming! We are sending 8 to an agency in Ohio since we heard they have an extremely low pool of families accepting infants that are not Caucasian. I guess they did 5 infant placements about a week ago that were all African American, so their pool is even lower....sounds good to us :)

Well make sure we let you all know as soon as we hear more on any of the potential situations!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home Study!!!

We got it! We have our home study in hand, finalized and ready to go!!! Now we can actually start contemplating the "fax us your home study right away" situations...there was just one we had to turn down in PA...and already born, parental right terminated, peanut of a baby girl...under 5 pounds!!! She was Caucasian though so I knew they would have tons of applications for her, and I didn't feel bad about saying we had to pass...Our baby will find us when the time is right :) Just wanted you all to know!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random updates...for all those that are afraid to continually ask us...

Well, it's Saturday, a day I typically love, but for some random reason I'm feeling crappy today and really sore...after several pretty good days pain wise, a crappy one always hits a little harder. On the medical home front I was approved for the infusions I needed. I was under the impression that they would be every 4 weeks right from the start..a point I was sadly mistaken on. EVERY other medication I've taken that had to be shot up or infused also had a loading period, so I don't even really know why I so readily thought this one would be different, but I did. Thankfully the loading period is only a month. I need to get the infusions 3X in the first 4 weeks. I wish I could say there was an upside to that and describe how positive my first infusion went but I really can't.
Obviously after my last visit to the wonderful Lawrence General where they generally screwed me over and tried to kill me, I was slightly more nervous than I would typically allow myself to be for this infusion. When I walked in and realized my my nurse this time was Ms. Stabby McStabber, I don't believe in monitoring a patient herself, I was even less thrilled. It's difficult to explain to her why I'm nervous, without detailing how I hold her at fault as to why I'm so darn nervous. The fact she recalls my last visit, and can't remember me being "so nervous" almost makes me laugh. Almost. I try to gently request that she not put the IV on the part of my wrist that bends. That not only hurts, but it means I can't bend my wrist the whole time the IV is in. She says that's fine, she can put it further down on my hand...I recount to her (in my nervous, I think this lady going to kill me, chattery voice) how the phlebotomist (needle sticker) at Anna Jauques, when I went to the ER after you last tried to kill me, well, she told me that the further up your arm you go, the more it hurts...asked if she thought that was true. She acts like she's not really listening as she wipes my hand down and gets out her buzz saw...I mean needle. So she sticks it in my hand...I might add I've had MULTIPLE Iv's in each hand, on the top, the exact spot she's putting it in. Never even remotely had an issue...I don't know maybe all those other IV's weakened the vessels there....Anyway, she give the standard little pinch bullshit, and says she's in and switches over to add the saline block that they hook the IV too...then she curses...yeah, curses. I think that maybe somewhere in the training a nurse goes through, and then in the additional training they get when they learn to give Iv's someone maybe should have mentioned to this nitwit that you shouldn't curse like you've just majorly fucked up your patients hand. But she does and she was actually right, she had majorly fucked up! She follows her curse with the phrase, I blew out the vein. Great. Fantastic. That is such super news. So now not only has she ripped the tube out and is holding my hand in a death grip with some gauze, but she acts like it's not big deal she's going to have to do this again. Let's just explain this. I have excellent veins, amazing I've been told. I could not even begin to estimate how many IV's, and blood draws I've endured in my life. Thousands...many, many thousands. It goes with the territory as anyone with a chronic illness can tell you. Doctors figgin love to stick the people that are already we don't have enough going on already. Anyway, my veins are so freaking amazing that once I had a blood sucking lady ask me if the brand new, never drawn on a real person before newbie blood sucker could draw off me. I said sure, and even THAT lady had no problem. I have never had anyone miss and have to try again. I've had comments people could draw my blood with their eyes closed...I've just never encouraged them to try. So this is the first lady who has ever screwed up and somehow, I'm just not surprised. So she finally tapes up the blown vein and tries to explain to me how it was a "bad vein" that I ASKED (?) her to use. She decides she wants to tap right into one of the huge veins on the underside of my forearm. I've never had to have an IV there, cause everyone else was always been competent enough to put it in on my hand, but okay lady...whatever you need. I'm then so white she asks I want the other nurse to do it. Well NOW you tell me there is another nurse? I tell her to please just do, I'm not getting any less nervous. I also tell her that she's only getting one more shot, and then we'll have to reschedule. Thankfully she gets it in. Anyway, the infusion only took 30 minutes, but I had to stay for 30 minutes after it was done to be monitored. First of all, she didn't monitor me the whole time I was there. They never took my temperature even once, despite the fact that last time I had a reaction, I presented my first symptom as a temperature...go figure. They took my blood pressure ONCE, when I got there. Then after the 30 minutes, she asked me, "How do you feel?" No vitals, nothing...didn't even come all the way into the room. That's a great question given I told you last time I left here even though I felt like crap, cause I thought it was the Benadryl. SO what makes you think that if I was reacting again, I wouldn't just leave. She's a moron. She's also the main night nurse so I get to see her 2X time in the next 4 weeks, and then once a month. I wonder if I should get her a Christmas Present?
In other medical news I'm friggin dizzy all the time. I have no idea if it is a side effect for me of the Orencia, or if it is the fact I've stopped taking the Vicoden. Hopefully it's the vicoden and it will go away, cause if it's the Orencia, I'll cry.
Things are quiet on the adoption front...TOO quiet. We're submitted on FIVE expectant mother right now, who were all show profiles last week. Two are due (one will be induced) on Dec 20th, one the 29th, one in Jan 15th, and one Jan 24th. Apparently there is NO news on any of them. Maybe it's just me, but would these women want to know their plan? I don't get it. I'm going crazy, and I'm driving our referral service crazy too (she found us 4 of the situations)
So here it is, Mid-December, and we aren't sure what's going on yet. I wanted to be flying out today to go get a baby...hopefully soon though...
We just keep praying that the right baby will find us...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's December...

and everyone that knows me, KNOWS that I am MRS. CHRISTMAS...which is actually funny, cause Mike's family has always called him Big Christmas, and they refer to "our" baby as Little Christmas. We should just changed our last name or something :)
Any hoo...This year hasn't been quite as lively as others...we have a tree up, but it's not decorated, I've done a bunch of shopping but it's not wrapped...that kind of thing. We are just so damn busy! AND STRESSED! I've always been a "high stress" kind of person. Usually I create most of it, and to be honest, I handle it pretty well. Not lately...nothing like putting the rest of your life and family into other peoples hands to create a little REAL stress. Stress like no one else understands unless you've been here. Stress that's doing more than making me have my usual crying jags (I still swear those are HEALTHY! Crying releases stress hormones), but actually has me screaming, swearing, crying, and screaming and swearing some more. It has us up late at night using paper cutters and searching for how early Staples opens. It has us going to be at 2 and setting our alarms for an earlier wake up than normal...Craziness...
So my goal was to have all the paperwork into the social worker so we could review our homestudy by December 1st. Then since Mike's Dr didn't bother to ask if we were adopting international or domestic, we got to wait while Mike had an HIV and TB test (only required for international adoption)...he's all set by the way...So all the paperwork got mailed on December 4th instead...not too bad, I can totally handle that.
NOW, last night we get a phone call asking if we can please overnight our profiles to Utah for submitting to an expectant mother either Friday or Saturday. She's due Jan 24th, with a little girl. The situation sounds pretty good, so we'll just have to wait and see if this is the baby that is meant for us I guess. I'm running on almost no sleep, as is Mike...everyone bare with us as we try to get through the holidays while we also try to (some what) privately deal with all the stress this adoption rains down on us.
In further news, they THINK my medication has been approved by the insurance. They aren't sure since the insurance sent an "approval letter" that looks nothing like anything they have ever seen. It lists my approval and then lists a whole bunch of other stuff, and pre-requisites, etc etc. They don't want me to end up paying for it, so they are trying to verify this IS an approval letter. Of course no one at the insurance company has any idea what any other person at the insurance company is doing, and none of them are qualified to actually say that is an approval letter, so we have to work our way up to a supervisor in the approvals department to make sure this is an approval letter...Makes SO much sense right???
Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! Mike told me today he wants another puppy...I almost had a heart attack, and you know how I feel about puppies!