Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wing Night!

We went to wing night tonight. Marc's on a Diet again, though he did seem to enjoy his $12.00 Old Grandad and Diet Coke. Our waitress, who we see almost every week, suggested that we now call him Old Grandad. I guess it take guts to choose a Whiskey randomly off the bottom shelf at a bar right?

Anyway, I also finished my last loading dose for the Orencia tonight. These infusions are not the miracles the Remicade was, but they are slowly helping over time. I wish the insurance would stop denying the claim though. It took me 6 months of nearly OD'ing on pain killer while they "preapproved" this treatment, and now they are telling me it's not covered. $2400 a treatment. I've had 3. I am NOT paying that. They preapproved it, they need to pay it.

No new news on the adoption. I'm sure a lot of you think you can guess how hard it is not to e-mail about the situations we've submitted on. It is SO hard. It's harder than waiting 6 months for the medication I need :)

Anyway, I think if we didn't get choosen for any of these situations, we might be out of the running till fall. We'll have to just wait and see I guess!

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