Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Whole Foods...you suck...

Dear Whole Foods,

People who like to eat healthy do not necessarily have only one child. Just because we are green and/or organic does not mean that we are also hyper conscious of the earths population numbers and are limiting our family to one child. We may have multiple children. Just because we shop at your store does not mean that we are so wealthy we must have left our kids home with the Nanny. We do not have a Nanny.
I am raising the next generation of Whole Foods shoppers here. Children of hippie, organic loving, green living parents will typically grow into adults with many of the same ideals. These children will have jobs. It behooves you to WANT me to have more than one kid.

Help me, help you! Get some double shopping carts or I swear, I'll shop for my organic shit at Shaws.


Mother of two kids who BOTH need to be in the shopping cart.

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