Sunday, November 4, 2007

Final Home Study!!!

Well, of course everything went fine! We had my grandmother and cousin over yesterday to help us clean and pick up and a close friend also came over to help us with a section of drywall that we really wanted up. It wouldn't have mattered. Our home, though under construction, is ready for a baby. She asked basic questions about the home, neighborhood, and town; then looked over the rooms...DONE! Mike had his individual appointment as well, and opps...those little issues he had over 10 years ago were on his CORI. Driving to Endanger (speeding when he first got his license) and a property destruction or something. Smashing up a radio on a tennis court with a friend. It was his friend's radio too, but I guess they said there was damage to the tennis court. It was all continued without a finding, but he had to write a little paragraph on both anyway, since it was on his CORI report. Be good kids...that stuff comes back to haunt you. Mike is such a "bad boy" right???
So now we just have to do all our paperwork. I am off tomorrow, so I'm going to track down at least HOW to get our birth certificates, and social security cards. We aren't to sure where they are since the move. We both were born pretty local to where we live now though, so going to get the birth certificates isn't a big deal. SS cards might take longer...we'll have to see. Other than that, we have autobiographical statements to write. Mine is almost done. We have a little more writing to do on the profile, and then we need to get some assembled. Erina is going to help me out with that I think.
It's moving. Our official, we'll accept a "match due after date" is December 15th. At that point I can travel without effecting work too much, so it would be a go. IF we found an expectant mom due ON Dec 15, we could have the baby home by Christmas, but the chances of that...pretty slim. We'll take the right match, over a match we would have by Christmas.
Take Care everyone, as always...thank you so much for all your overwhelming support! We need every bit of it!

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