Thursday, November 1, 2007

Newer, Improved(-er), and Sooner "Final" homestudy date

So as I've said before, our Social Worker has a lot going one. We also, have a lot going on. Needless to say, she had to change the final visit again, we could either put it off, or take this Sunday at noon. We took this Sunday, even though we were planning for this whole weekend to be the final big cleaning and repairing weekend, it looks like we'll work on what we can all day Saturday, and just have someone come in and clean on Saturday evening. It's totally cheating, and I don't even care. I love having other people clean my house. They clean like they really's awesome. So we'll do all the organizing, and touch up repairs (you know, covering those still open walls where electrical work was done) and then they can come in, and do all the floors, counters, tables, the bathroom, and whatever else I want to put on the list. It's awesome! Sunday AM, we'll wake up and go out for Breakfast.
Calls to see how it went are more than welcome after 4 on Sunday, and that's if I can't update here as soon as it's over. After Sunday it's all over! Well it's all over except getting ALL our financial papers (all our CC, loans, mortgage, employer statements, tax returns, checking and savings account statements, and Mike's employee profit sharing statement) and getting our Dr's appointments and health statements, making sure all our reference's returned their forms, waiting for our background checks (one for criminal, and one for child abuse/sexual abuse) After all that comes back, she can write our home study. While all that is coming back, we'll have to work on making multiple copies of our profile, which isn't even all written yet (yeah I need a rough copy of that for Sunday too...easy peasie right?)
We decided to pass on the birth mother in Ohio, she was due in November and on one hand it's like, oh neat we could be chosen by a Birth mom, and have a baby for the holidays, and on the other hand it's like
In the long run, it will be a placement that is that fast, or faster...most likely. They only allow Black American Mom's to make birth plans very close to, or after their are due. So it could be even faster. That is scary shit. End to End on this jounrey we are looking at about 6-7 months. Most mom's get more time than that!
As always keep us in your thoughts, or prayers...whatever you're up for! We are friends with a couple, and we were visiting them the other night, and she told me she prays for me every night. It blew me away that anyone else thinks about what we are going through as much as I do...Thanks so much for all the support!

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