Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Not the fire kind...the kind that really matter in our life right now. The kind with an expectant mother.
So I have a line on one...we'll see since there are some complications regarding religion. They seem to have a misunderstand when they say Christian Couple. That actually does include us. Christian Science, is actually Christian...but they won't work with Christian Science, Morman, or Jehovah Witness. I can see the other two aren't Christian. Christian actually Christian though, AND it's not even how we're planning to raise our children. It's like splitting hairs at this point.
But I push the issue anyway. It's a great situation. We will encourage everyone not to get excited. There is ever chance I'll post 1,000 of these before I ever post that it's THE match. Anyway, here are the basics, so you all can see what kind of info we get.
Black American expectant mother due Jan 18. This is her 6th pregnancy, she typically delivers at 36-38 weeks. She smokes less than 1/2 pack a day. No drugs or alcohol. Looking for pictures and letters after the birth, maybe one meeting before. She's in a very adoption friendly state. Fees come in at about 1/2 of our max adoption budget (very low). They want profiles by Thursday at 6pm, which we don't have yet, and haven't heard yet if we're good enough anyway. It's not looking good for this one...If we don't "pass" this expectant mother will be given only 2 Traditional Couples to choose from (her request) but they will also give her one single parent, even though that isn't her preference.
We'll wait and see :)

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