Monday, March 17, 2008

Not a lot going on...

Ty is getting bigger everyday. He's push himself up off our chest when he lays on our stomachs, and he's babbling and cooing up a storm. We ended up switching him to Soy, and it has helped a LOT. Hopefully we'll be able to switch him back to regualr formula in a few months, but for right now, he was just so gassy, and backed up he was getting pretty unhappy. Switching to Soy seems like a small price to pay when it keeps him so much more comfortable :)

I have two weeks of maternity leave left. I can't believe that the time has godne by so quickly. Of course we were just a little bit busy! I'll go back part time for a couple weeks, and then move to full-time in mid-April. I'm not real happy about it, but what can ya do?

Lady bugs are still in full swing here in the Callahan house. No idea what if anything we can do about that. A few people have told us they are attracted to white houses.

Well I have tons of stuff to do before I can head out and go shopping so I better get to it!

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