Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ramblings of a 30 year old

That's right, you all read it, I'm 30. Thirty years ago today, I blessed my parents with another baby girl. I know that they not so secretly wanted a boy, but I believe that they were still over joyed with me, even given my squashed face and funky hair do. Whether Erina was over joyed with me, and over joyed at being a big sister is a point that continues to be debated. I'd like to think at this point in our lives, despite how many times she made statements to the contrary, she is happy she wasn't an only child. Honestly, she would have been really bored. She knows it's true.

So as I look back on 30 years (well, more like maybe 22-24 that I can remember), I do get sort of nostalgic. Thinking back over all the paths I've taken, and where each little road led me. I think of all the things that have happened. Some I wonder, "WHAT was I thinking?" Others I simply laugh. Mostly I am just so very thankful for everything that has happened to me. Everything? you might ask....Everything. I can't think of anything in my life that happened that I regret. I can think of times when I wish I had acted differently, or been more responsible. I can think of times when I wish I had been less responsible too. Over all though, it's all led me right here. Right here to this little white house, with my amazing husband, and wonderful son. A house that sometimes upsets me, but keeps us cozy and dry. A husband who might not be the best communicator ever born, but is the sweetest, most wonderful husband a women could ask for or dream of. And a son...a son who is just beginning this amazing journey. A son who's eyes teach me to enjoy all the simple things in life all over again. A beautiful son, who reminds me that a smile that comes from the heart is more powerful than any words or material possession.

So I'm thirty...big deal. Right now, in this time and place, I have it all.

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