Monday, October 22, 2007

We got bumped, but also good some good news!

So on the adoption home front, our last meeting (a home visit) got pushed back. It was planned for this Wednesday, but our Social Worker Deb (who we love) has to go to Springfield, MA to witness surrender paperwork for a Birth mom there. I guess she delivery 3 weeks early, so Deb wasn't planning on doing this yet. Those babies! They sure do come whenever they darn well want to! She did tell us we could stop cleaning (she has no idea how mess the house is though!) and start working on our profile. She has an expectant mom due in December that she thinks would be a great match for us! So far we know 2 things. Deb thinks (based on what the mom has told the other social worker) that she is due in December and 2) she is located in Ohio. Deb knows more than that, she just hasn't had time to get us the other information yet. It's exciting and sort of scary all at the same time. December, let me remind you all, is NOT very far away. We are not planning on doing a nursery till after the baby gets here, so we can be sure there isn't a disruption or anything. The baby would be in the master bedroom for at least 3 months anyway...So we don't know what our last meeting is, but we keep cleaning the house anyway. And working on the profile. Speaking of which, if anyone has any recent pictures of Mike and I together, we would love to see them. I've spent far to much time behind the camera and not in front of it, and now we're playing the price with a complete lack of pictures for our profile. We are trying to take a picture or two of ourselves everyday, but I always hate how they come out. In Mike's words...."This is who we are! If she doesn't want fat adoptive parents she can go look at another couple." *SIGH* Isn't he romantic!

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