Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby Finances

Well we are really doing this now...Saturday we closed the home equity loan, so we're either adopting or a new car!
We're all set to pay for the baby now...well to pay for services I mean. Paying for a BABY is illegal...I tell you though, sometimes when you talk to these agencies it seems like a thin, thin line!
9 days till our home study is done. If the washer goes none stop from now till then, we might make it. We sorted some shoes tonight. Our yard sale pile is getting bigger and bigger. To bad it looks like we won't make it for this year. Maybe I'll just sell all the stuff on e-bay during the cold winter months. Gotta pay off all these bills somehow.
We've decided on another baby name...
So far we like:
Lillian Michaela (nickname Lily)
Makayla "Something" (nickname Kayla, or no nickname, we aren't sure)
Tyler David (nickname Ty)
Benjamin David (nickname Ben, or BenBen)
Brayden David (nickname Brady)
Owen David (nickname O?)
So we need a middle name that goes with Makayla, and some other girl names we like. We'd like to have a few, and then name the baby when we see them.
Any requests to name the kid after our friends will be turned down...except obviously Ben. His name is actually Benjamin David...
Alright, it's late...Talk to you all later...

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