Monday, October 1, 2007

As Promised a New Blog Post!

I can't even believe that it's been so long since I blogged. We've been way to busy this summer! Dewey is almost a year old, and truly thinks he runs this house. Dogs have NO concept of how large or small they are. Daisy thinks she's a 5 pound Yorkie and Dewey is positive he's either a German Shepard or a Bull Mastiff. Dudley is the only one that is normal of the bunch. He was sick again though, so I did have to make a late night trip back to the Emergency vet. Ironically we had to do that the exact month that we made our last payment on his last services there. Thankfully this trip was only for a bad ear infection. The poor thing is a silent sufferer...we had no idea he had one till it was running out his ear. It was really gross. Daisy gets them all the time, but never Dudley. We were informed that it was likely from Dewey licking his ears out (that is a dominance thing) He's a much happier guy now that it's better...and that we don't let Dewey lick his ears out anymore too I think. He's moving slower though, and I think the vet called it perfectly at this time last year when she said he would be prone to arthritis. I guess him and I can limp around the house together. Daisy on the other hand has no slowed down at all, despite her rapid greying. Her face, ears, butt and tummy are all white and grey now. Pretty advanced aging for a 4 year old dog. Dewey keeps her young energy wise, but I don't think it was a coincidence that her grey hair intensified once we got him. Poor old girl...she had it so easy keeping submissive little Dudley in line. Dewey is pushing all her buttons, and wants that alpha dog title pretty bad. He's not even one yet, so I think the next year will tell a lot about the pack dynamics in our house. I'd like to keep Daisy as the "leader of the pack" because I think that's cool...her and I...we run this house! (Love you Mikey!) Hopefully Dewey taking over wouldn't be a sign of the tides turning...Maybe I should run around and pee on things or something?
Anyway, obviously our most exciting news is the pending adoption. We start our home study on Sat, Oct 6th. We've met with the HS coordinator once already, this is our official signing on. We love her, and she really great about helping us out. We have actually already been offered 2 expectant mother profiles that we could have submitted to, even though we are not HS approved, but we did turn both of them down. The first one we thought really hard on, since it was a Due Date in Jan 2008. In the end we decided that it wasn't right to submit our profile to her if we didn't have our financing yet. These expectant women are going through enough. I wouldn't want something on our end to fall through and have her adoption plan put into a tail spin. The second one was a Nov due date, and we just knew we would never be ready in time. Obviously I would LOVE a placement by Christmas, but it looks like it would more likely be the first few months of next year.
Okay, I have some laundry to do, so I'll update you all more later!
Take Care

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